Umoja in the heart of Málaga

Sailing on the Alboran Sea

The Perfect Place To Sail

This is your chance to sail on a classic wooden yacht. Umoja offers you unique experiences that create memories for a lifetime on the Alboran Sea.


We offer private charters. If you are looking for an amazing time, you might consider finding like minded friends to join you on board. If you split the costs, you’ll have a unique experience for very competitive prices:


There are 2 options for departure/arrival. Prices are including fuel and port charges, excluding IVA


Departure/arrival Benalmadena:


6/12/24 passengers

2 hours for 500,-/600,-/800,-
4 hours for 700,-/800,-/1000,-
6 hours for 900,-/1000,-/1200,-
8 hours for 1100,-/1200,-/1400,-
10 hours for 1300,-/1400,-/1600,-


20 hours/16 passengers max: 1900,-

(incl. 7 cabins for overnight, 16 persons max)


Departure/arrival Malaga:


12/24 passengers

2 hours for 800,-/1000,-
4 hours for 1000,-/1200,-
6 hours for 1200,-/1400,-
8 hours for 1400,-/1600,-
10 hours for 1600,-/1800,-


20 hours/16 passengers max: 2300,-

(incl. 7 cabins for overnight, 16 persons max)


Optional (These prices are including IVA)

4 drinks pp (wines, beers, soda’s) 10,- pp
3 tapas pp 9,- pp
BBQ onboard 19,- pp
Breakfast 7,50 pp


Multiple days sailing trips including cabins are possible, if you book early enough. Please contact us to share idea’s.


We can serve lunch, dinner (see EAT), drinks and tapas (see DRINK) on board and even can organize BBQ’s on the aft deck while you enjoy the scenery with a cocktail in your hand. Your 25 meter long vessel features a sun bathing/lounge area and deck chairs in the front and a comfortable dining area in the rear. The atmosphere onboard is informal. Prices include port charges and local taxes.


If you want to spend the night, we have confortable cabins with en-suite bathrooms (See SLEEP).

Alboran Sea

The Alboran Sea is located at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, and lies between North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.


The Alboran Sea is a transition zone between ocean and sea, containing a mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic species. The Alboran Sea is habitat for the largest population of bottlenose dolphins in the western Mediterranean, is home to the last population of harbour porpoises in the Western Mediterranean, and is the most important feeding grounds for loggerhead sea turtles in Europe.

Enjoy Life On Board The Umoja

The Cabins

The Umoja has seven cabins for two or three persons. All with ensuite bathrooms. All beds are two meter long. Linen and towels are included.

Enjoy Life On Board The Umoja

About Benalmádena Marina

Benalmádena Puerto Marina rates amongst the best in the world, proof of which is the fact that it is several times winner of the ‘Best Marina in the World’ award.



Benalmádena’s leisure port is located at the very heart of the Costa del Sol, in a privileged spot just 13 kilometres from Málaga-Pablo Ruiz Picasso International Airport, which has daily connections to the main Spanish and European cities. Its climate allows for all sorts of activities, sports and tourist trips all year round. In the vicinity of this leisure port there are various leisure and entertainment options such as Tivoli World amusement park, zoos such as Selwo Marina or the Sea Life Aquarium within the port itself, or the cable car for spectacular views.

Enjoy Life On Board The Umoja